The process of greying cannot be reversed with vitamins.
What works on grey hair?

We will all have grey hair once. However, sometimes they appear too early and then they can really bother us. The causes of grey hair are different. Some of them can be avoided and others cannot. But more importantly: you can also get rid of grey hair physiologically – in a natural way.

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Why do our hair turn grey?

Human life is the constant creation, exchange and extinction of cells. Old cells die to be replaced by new cells. Greying is a similarly complex process. The melanin pigment is responsible for everything related to hair colour and skin:

During life, as hair grows, melanin pigment molecules enter the human body. However, this pigment has its radicals bound by an oxygen molecule and is therefore colourless.
Nevertheless, there are special cells in the hair bulbs that produce enzymes that remove oxygen from the pigment molecules, and melanin turns dark brown with this step
,” explains biochemist MUDr. Oto Sova, CSc.

Generally, one does not have much melanin in the hair. Even the darkest hair contains a maximum of 1% of melanin. This makes it worse for the hair if some error occurs in the whole process.

The described process change of colourless melanin to dark brown occurs throughout life. However, if something goes wrong in this process, as a person ages or suffers from some disease or stress, these cells die or lose their properties and only colourless pigment flows into the hair and the person turns grey,” adds Dr. Sova.


 Grey hair and diseases

Greying is also affected by various diseases. However, MUDr. Oto Sova says that in certain diseases there is no loss of pigment, but only its change: “In some diseases a person does not lose pigment, he is still in his hair, he is only colourless.”

It can be, for example, anaemia, when a person is deficient in iron, is pale, has hair loss and can turn grey prematurely.
Also, those who have thyroid problems usually notice problems with their hair. Patients with diseases of various type may lose more hair and often tend to be grey.

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which pigment is lost in certain parts of the body. It can be the skin, the inner mucosa, or the hair.
The disease results from damage to melanin-producing cells.Vitiligo loses pigment, but at the same time it can’t form it,” explains the biochemist.

The same is true for Waardenburg syndrome, a rare genetic disease that causes white-grey areas similar to failed streaked hair, moustache, or other hair. This condition is associated with mutations in genes that help make cells, especially melanocytes, which are responsible for the colour of hair, skin and eyes. MUDr. Oto Sova, CSc. Adds to this topic: “Grey hair is also caused by skin diseases that kill the enzyme catalase, such as fungi.

Stress and smoking as enemies of healthy hair

Did you know that the French queen also had a severe form of greying hair from stress due to her difficult fate? Research has shown that the body responds in this way to external threats.

“Conditions are described where someone has turned grey from evening to morning, when someone has died or an accident has happened.
And indeed, people who are under stress turn grey faster than those who live carefree,”
continues biochemist MUDr. Oto Sova.

“Curiously, in most cases, grey hair occurs more in men than in women. But it also depends on continents and regions, for example, in India, greying is less visible,” adds Dr. Sova.

It has been proven that smokers turn grey hair sooner than non-smokers, and therefore smokers should not be surprised by the amount of grey hair they can see in the mirror. Smoking is also likely to lead to more frequent hair loss.

Grey hair because of vitamin deficiency?

MUDr. Oto Sova says that taking a low amount of vitamins does not support hair greying: “Lack of vitamins doesn’t affect the greying of hair at all.

At the same time, however, he emphasizes that the right vitamins are important for healthy, beautiful and shiny hair. The most important in hair care are B vitamins. It is mostly vitamin B12, which is found primarily in animal diets, such as liver, beef and lamb, sardines, but can be found in dairy products as well.

Good option is to supplement calcium, but also silicon, zinc, magnesium, pantothenic acid, i.e. vitamin B5, and biotin. These vitamins are also included in meat, dairy products, cocoa, nuts, soy, legumes, rice, vegetables and fruits. Vitamin D3, which affects testosterone production, is also incredibly important.

Inheritance and the IRF4 gene

Another option for grey hair is genetics and genetic inheritance. Some find the first grey hair in their twenties -this is the case when we are talking about premature greying – others turn grey in their fifties. If your grandfather, grandmother or your parents had grey hair earlier than expected, it is very likely that you will have grey hair prematurely as well.

The researchers found that a gene called IRF4 is responsible for genetic greying. It is responsible not only for the formation of grey hair, but also for the loss of melanin affecting the pigmentation of hair.

The good news brings a research. It suggests that in the future, we will be able to “turn off” this gene as one of the possible causes of greying. In this way, we will be able to prevent greying and may even be able to completely reverse the process of growing grey hair.

For Grey Hair

 Unfortunately, we don’t know how to turn off this gene yet. However, the question is whether turning it off would be good for our health. Luckily, MUDr. Sova has come up with other more suitable solutions to get rid of grey hair.

Certainly, you have known several products and colours to cover grey hair. They are immensely popular products, but we decided to improve them. Based on that, our doctor developed something a little bit else, but even more perfect: For Grey hair.

“If you have grey hair, you will never achieve the original colour permanently. However, you can return it temporarily. For grey hair contains an enzyme that temporarily restores the hair to its natural original colour. The product repairs the hair colour potential and should be applied to the hair along its entire length, initially several times a week. After acquiring the original colour, apply to the hair once or twice a week, just a small amount of product,” adds the biochemist.

For grey hair works as follows: all the organic substances with which it comes into contact deprive it of oxygen, so if we apply it to grey hair or any grey hair, the hair or hair will regain its original colour.

“For grey hair is developed on a scientific basis and is absolutely physiological, following the example of Mother Nature. We even made versions for women, men and for beard and moustache. We added lanolin to the beard and moustache preparation because there are mites in the beard that our enzymes eat, as they are proteins for them. Lanolin scares mites, which makes the product work.”

When to look for a doctor with grey hair?

If you are under 30 years old and you’ve discovered a suspicious amount of silver hair, be extremely vigilant! Also, if you notice sudden greying of the hair.

Grey hair in young children, in their 15s or 20s, is a bad signal. There is a strong presumption that in this situation greying is associated with a disease that needs to be quickly identified and reversed. In such cases, seek medical advice clearly.

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